Join the fun

September 2023

Prizes include
$500 Gift Certificates
Kaffe Event Tickets
And more!!!

What is


Get Ready to Sew, Collect Passport Stamps, and Support Charity Quilts!

Block-a-palooza is an exciting event that brings together ten quilt shops from across Iowa to celebrate the art of quilting while supporting a charitable cause. Participants are invited to showcase their quilting skills by completing a Log cabin heart block to receive stamps in a passport. Ten blocks and ten stamps and you will be entered to win prizes that will make any quilter’s heart skip a beat.

Let the Block-a-palooza excitement begin

How to Participate!

Download the detailed instructions for creating your own log cabin heart block.

Get Sewing!!

Get doing what we LOVE to do! Picking up a kit from one of the participating shops or unleashing your creativity with your own fabric scraps. Sew your blocks with passion and create beautiful log cabin heart blocks!

Explore and embark on a delightful journey to find the ten quilt shops that are part of this exciting event. Drop off your completed blocks at each location and spread the joy of your craftsmanship along the way.